My new solo album...FINALLY!

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Well, I'm finally ready to release some new music. It's been a long, long while since I've put out an album of my stuff, but I hope this will be the first of a flurry of work from me.

The album is called "Humbucker" and includes 7 of my newest recordings. Here's the track rundown:

Another Bass: Sort of a techno feel, in keeping with the experimental aspects of the album. I wanted something you could dance around the house to.Download

Ballentine: This is the first single off the album. This song originated as a riff I'd been working on for a while but couldn't get any lyrics to fit with. Then one night in our D.C. apartment I was sitting there looking at Hoops and Yoyo and got inspired. Download

Blarney Take 2: This is a cover song about someone slowly turning into a social vampire, originally written by my brilliant friends in the now-defunct Portland band, Lucky. I knew the songwriters, Sean Richardson and Keith Walters, from back in my college days when they were in StrawFyssh, a Charleston, WV band that played with Feast of Stephen on more than one occasion. These guys are amazing songwriters. Download

Gap Soundtrack: I wanted to try my hand at an instrumental that would be good background music for a movie. Download

Jellyfish Eater: The tragic story of a girl, a beach, and a washed-up jelly. The other single off the album, and my favorite song on here. Download

On the Dance Floor: I originally wasn't sold on this song, but Jenny couldn't quit singing it around the house, so I thought I might be on to something. Download

Red Wine and Good News: I love this song. It's sung in an imaginary language. :-) Download

To get to the files and download them, right click on the "Download" link and "Save as" to your HD. I hope you enjoy the record. I had fun making it.


SDCrawford said...

I wanna here "Hit the OD Button & Rock On"

SDCrawford said...

Those are cool tunes. Is that you singing?

Xose said...

On the album, the following people guest star:

Guitars: Me
Vocals: Myself
Drums, weird sounds: Mac Intosh

Anonymous said...


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grrrrrr ..... dan fitz

Xose said...

That's fixed now, Dan-O....