Summer's counting down

Jenny and I were talking last night about how the summer is almost over but it doesn't really feel like it's even begun. This is due in no large part to the fact that Sylvie is too young for pool time, sun exposure, parties with other kids, etc. (Not that hanging with the baby isn't totally cool, 'cause it is!)

Plus Jenny is dying to go to the beach, but we haven't been able to find one we like yet (Rehoboth is too cheese-mo-dee for us nowadays). We're planning a post-Labor Day beach jaunt this September, so the next step is finding a beach we want to go to!

Help me, Obi-Net, you're my only hope!


SDCrawford said...

I hear the Gulf Coast is lovely this time of year...

I am so going to heck for that!

Johnny said...

Ocean City? Are you sure you were a Delta Chi? Perhaps you should call Punky, Albert, and Rodney for some help. On second thought, don't call Albert. I'm sure he doesn't remember anything. Hehehehehehe