Raise your Jäger to our jagare

Originally uploaded by Xose.
We love Ikea. I'm sorry if that offends you or makes us seem like überyüppies who find the need to püt ümlaüts over every ü they come across, but we simply love it.

Jüst finished installing our newest Ikean addition, the schweet jagare spotlight system (see photo), in the back family room, and all I can say is that it's WAY cooler than the cräp, gold-accented chandelier that was fläccidly hanging there when we boüght the hoüse.

We feel so Scandinavian now.


SDCrawford said...

Come over to our place and install our Ikea lights that we purchased over a year ago. We chicken to play with electicity!

Anonymous said...

I seethe with barely contained jealously over your access to a close IKEA.
I LOVE the lights!

MariGerard said...

Very cool...but I am confused by the silver hanging ball- what does that do? Remote power sourse? Sterio speaker? I must know man!! And yes I do think you guys are uberyuppies...I'd be one too if I could afford it! : )