The plumbing's done! Hurrah!

Well, my dad and I did a lot of work on the house in the last few days, but the most stressful and rewarding has been ripping out the old, pinhole-leak ridden length of copper pipe and replacing it with CPVC (which is different from PVC in that it can handle more pressure and higher temperatures).

We cut the old pipe, installed the new, waited for the glue to cure, and turned the H20 back on with fingers fully crossed. The verdict: NO LEAKS! Yay!

Having a fantastic dad with mad handyman skills has officially saved us hundreds of dollars. Thanks dad, we love you!

Other projects completed:

Replaced shorted out light at bottom of stairs.
Installed fan switch in upstairs bathroom.
Installed remaining storm windows in house.
Hooked up DSL connection.

The house is coming together finally! It's about time for a housewarming party!

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Jane said...

Can we borrow your dad?