Man Room

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Now that I'm FINALLY going to have a basement, or Man Room, as it is to be known from this day forward, I need to figure out a decoration theme.

A sports bar theme is a little too obvious, and I really don't have any favorite teams anymore, since I've been moving around so much, so that's out.

Jason's suggestion of an Amsterdam red light district scene (complete with painted murals of windows with naked women in them) was nixed by Jen.

I'm leaning toward an homage to guitar amps, with a giant schematic painted on one wall and framed photos of classic amps everywhere.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.....


Gabe said...

you could always do a graceland-style jungle room:

http://gabeanderson.com/life/photos/gabe_jungle_room.jpgelvis was the king, after all, so he surely knew a thing or two about decorating his man-room. two words: marilyn monroe. :)

Johnny said...

Something I will do, if I am ever lucky enough to have a house of my own, will be to line the walls with my favorite guitar players and bands, with a wall mounted candle burning under each one to give it that "torture chamber" feel. Hehehehehe.

SDCrawford said...

I hate to break it you you JoeyV, but that room will soon be piled high with kids equipment & toys. That room is only yours for a few short months. Then all hell breaks loose and Fischer Price will reign! Bummer, huh?