Dioxin...the gift that keeps on giving

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The Monsanto pledge:

"Integrity includes



consistency and


Some folks at Monsanto apparently haven't been following the pledge too closely. Or at least they weren't when they were releasing tons of the super-dangerous chemical by-product dioxin into tiny Nitro, WV and its environs.

According to this depressing report by The Charleston Gazette's top environmental reporter, Ken Ward, Jr., the company is being sued by Nitro residents for releasing the poison, and subsequently, trying to cover up the resulting scandal.

According to Ward, "Starting in the late 1990s, St. Louis-based Monsanto--now called Old Monsanto--engaged in a complex series of spinoffs, name changes and corporate buyouts to distance itself from potentially massive environmental liabilities."

Not too honest, huh? I don't think it's too damn decent, either.

As for courage? "Officials from Monsanto did not return phone calls Friday afternoon." Hmmm....

They have been consistant is denying their liability for the last 50 years, so I guess one out of four ain't bad.

Unless you're a resident of Nitro.

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Johnny said...

Hey Vanilla,

Don't tell Tom, I just helped him move into his new house, in Nitro, on Saturday. Did you know he and Wendy had a baby girl?