Holy crap! Bomb scare on my corner!

So, my entire block was just shut down due to a suspicious backpack on the corner of L and 17th, NW, A FRICKING 1/2 BLOCK FROM THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO MY BUILDING!!!!!

We were able to watch out my coworker's office window as a Kevlar clad bomb squad cop positioned a small, remote-controlled gun next to the abandoned backpack, and then shot it with the remote-controlled gun! Blam! A bunch of papers flew out, but no explosion followed thank goodness. Whoever left that backpack on the streetcorner is in some deep doo-doo, methinks.


Anonymous said...

YIKES! We have had a few similar instances here in Columbus, because I work close to the State House and 3 blocks from the Federal Building, but nothing only a 1/2 block away! Glad it was nothing malicious.

Jane said...

Dude. Too bad you weren't working there a few years ago when bomb threats were being called in that neighborhood every week. Turned out it was some idiots from California Pizza Kitchen and the steak house on Conn. Ave. who just wanted the afternoon off.