Yum! Fasika's Ethopian food!

Here are some belated photos from our dinner last Friday with our friends Michelle (with Jenny in the photo) and Ellen. Jenny is finally getting over her morning (read: all-day) sickness, and this was our first night out in a long while. We had a great time and the food, as it always is at Fasika's, was fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting settled in the new house so we can resume a semi-normal social schedule again (at least until the baby gets here!).


SDCrawford said...

will you take us there when we visit in June? Mmmm that looks yummy!

SDCrawford said...

speaking of baby... http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514&e=8&u=/ap/20050120/ap_on_he_me/brazil_big_baby