Baby stuff and in-laws galore! DCOT lives!

Well, this has been a really babycentric weekend/week. My mom, dad, and aunt Agnes came in from WV and Jenny's mom came in from CA for the baby shower on Sunday. The baby received lots of great presents from the 20+ attendees, and Real Madrid beat Barcelona 4-1 at the Dad/Jody house. So all is well.

Jenny's mom is still staying with us, and she an Jenny have been exploring the cherry-blossom encrusted mall, shopping, and doing other fun mother/daughter stuff.

In other news, had the first DCOT (DC Over-Thirty) soccer yesterday. Only four of us showed, but we got a couple of passers-by and played 3-vs-3 between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Quite majestic, if you can somehow forget who's running the government right now....Anyway, I was glad to get back to playing non-competive (read: fun) soccer again.


SDCrawford said...

EBOT will travel East for a scrimmage. Rock on with your bad soccer self!

Jane said...

Joe, you are the most competitive non-competitive soccer player I know. I mean that in a good way...