Belly madness

Originally uploaded by Xose.
Jenny's belly is getting out of control. And you should feel the little baby kicking inside there, it's too freaky!

If you put your hand on her belly, the baby will push it and kick it, I guess to say, "stop crowding me in here!!!!"

I'm in love and it's still three months away!


Jane said...

A little futbolisto in the making. Hopefully he or she won't share daddy's affinity for head wounds.

MariGerard said...

YOu know they say Babies can hear in the womb- so I hope you are exposing him or her to lots of great music- so he/she doesn't pop out a Bee Gee's Fan or anything. (no offense Jen if you are a Bee Gee's fan! :) )

Gabe said...

And don't forget Jane's December advice: