I'm "that" guy.

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You know, the one who sings along to the iPod only he can hear. The one who doesn't even know all the words to the song he's singing along to, making him all that much more annoying. Yeah, that's me.

I can't help it, I'm sorry. I'm in my own little world when those cute, little earbuds plug up my auditory canals (I'm sure that the people next to me want to plug up another canal with my earbuds, but so be it) and I can't escape the music's hypnotic lure...sing along...you're a star...sing along....

Except I'm not a star. I'm just another out-of-tune, annoying bump in your commute, and for that I apologize.

I do make a conscious effort to not sing inside the subway car itself, although I'm not always successful. The walk to and from the station though? That's an every day "Star Search" moment.

Today's snippet of song for the woman walking next to me on the way to the Metro:
"They caught and drowned the front man...of the world's worst rock and roll band...he was out of luck...because nobody gave a fuck."

Sorry lady. The Archers of Loaf in my head just can't be stopped.


MariGerard said...

oh you are that guy aren't you! We have a lot of those guys in Chicago. everybody is ALWAYS singing with their i pod- in the street- on the L-in my building..I love you guys! Don't stop jammin cause you ARE a Rock star! (and "in 1993 we like chips, cause chips are cheap, and I'm a rock star"-JV Feb 1993.)

Xose said...

Ha! I almost forgot about that moment in the sun. Do you still have the video? Jesus, I had some hair back then, even!

MariGerard said...

of course I still have the video-and yes you did have hair-you were also 22!! A babe in the woods of west virginia! Chris and I just watched it back in September when I was packing for the move. He must be a keeper cause he didn't dump me after seeing my distorted taste in clothes and friends (Michelle Lee and John Stover were on that video) back then!