Only Americans Need Apply

While I was applying to get insurance coverage for our house, the insurance agent and I had the following conversation:

Agent: "In accordance with the Patriot Act, are you and your wife both American citizens?"
Me: "Umm....yes. [pause] So I guess a lot of terrorists are signing up for home insurance these days?"
Agent: "Well, we have to refuse to write coverage for persons from certain geographic areas."
Me: "What areas?"
Agent: "I can't reveal that information; although I will say that most of them are in the Middle East."
Me: "So if my wife was Saudi Arabian or Iraqi you wouldn't give us house insurance."
Agent: "We wouldn't write the policy, no."
Me: "That's terrible."
Agent: "Yeah. We refused coverage a week ago to a couple because the wife was Cuban, even though she had been in America for 20 years."
Me: "Are you serious? That's unbelievable."
Agent: "Yeah."

What the hell is going on in this country people? THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!


SDCrawford said...

Take your business elsewhere!

Gabe said...

I agree with Sarah. I was going to suggest the same thing. Choose the Blue, man. :) I did a similar thing with MBNA in closing my account:
http://gabeanderson.com/life/2004/09/02/buhbye_mbna.phpOf course, my insurance company (State Farm) may have the same policy, but I just don't realize it because I'm a white American.